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Food Everywhere raves about our Caramel Popcorn

Sycookies raves about our Caramel Popcorn

Read Food Everywhere's review of Fat Sunday:

Homemade Baked Goods with Fat Sunday Today

Malaysia is wonderful when it comes to the multicultural wonders, and there are no better ways to experience them with all the festive as they are always celebrated with traditional delicacies. During festive seasons, culinary heritage are made up of an assortment of classic cookies and confectionary. And the practice of gifting and sharing, has also been traditionally passed on since many generations ago. This Chinese New Year, I’m much thankful to receive some really amazing baked goods. One that I’m very eager to share is these lovely delight from the Fat Sunday.

You’ve seen them appearing on my insta stories as well as on my instagram and I am most impressed with their popcorn. Despite the guilt at every piece of richly coated fluff of popcorn, this delightful treat was gone in no time because it’s just to addictive. The caramel coating was a luxury and the crunch would have probably come from baking soda. It beats all commercial popcorn at a finger snap and the best of them all, the pack comes with a zipper seal (although I personally thought it’s pretty redundant, mine was gone within hours). It sure is a great way to add more joy to the festive when families and friends gather at this auspicious season. This is one treat that’s absolutely ridden with guilt and regret but is still worth it.


Sycookies raves about our Caramel Popcorn


Moving to their Pineapple and Sesame bites, the two were innovative and cleverly made into a fantastic bite size. Consuming them was really easy and this one as gifts is of course super convenient and seemly, all thanks to the beautiful packaging. At the heart of embracing the sense of nostalgia through exquisite aromas, the classic flavour remains in the new look of these bake goods.

There are cookies and cakes for all occasion and they are available online. If I am not wrong, they are on consignment at supermarkets but its best to get it delivered of pick-up for free. Find out more about their handmade deserts and sweets on their websites or social media.

Check out Food Everywhere's website for the full review complete with dazzling images and other related stories. You can also find Food Everywhere's finely crafted and curated stories on food and lifestyle on Instagram (@sycookies) or Facebook (/

Images courtesy of: Sycookies and foodeverywhere

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